职位名称: Automation Engineer自动化工程师 发布时间: 2015-2-2 招聘人数: 1
工作地点: 天津
公司信息: 外商独资

Position activities and responsibilities职位活动与职责:

I.                 Context 内容

The job holder reports directly to Maintenance Manager. He will manage the worker who engaged in instrument work, probably new to the cement manufacturing business and new to the plant. He will have to ensure tight control, during the first 6-9 months that the work is done well and that safety and cleanliness standards are strictly followed.


Instruments play a key role during both the start-up and normal operation period of a plant. Their installation must be checked, they have to be tuned, along with the control loops.


II. Activities and main responsibilities  活动和主要职责

A.    Technical 技术上


·       Ensures daily and weekly planning of the instrument work in the shop and on the plant, especially for the major shut downs. This encompasses the preparation of the work orders and the determination of work priorities.   保证制定工厂和车间仪表工作日常和周计划,特别是主要设备关停时间。这包括工作单的准备和工作优先级的确定。

·       The job holder schedules repair, maintenance and installation of instruments to ensure continuous production operations   任职者计划安排仪表修理、维护和安装以保证连续的生产运作。

·       Directs maintenance activities on the field and checks that work is going according to the plan, to the specifications and following safety standards  根据计划、规范和安全标准指导现场的维护活动,检查工作的进行状况

·       Maintains the Plant Control Command system, i.e. the hardware and software and the control loops.维护工厂的控制系统,如硬件,软件和控制回路。

·       Develops and maintains the production IT system. 开发和维护生产IT系统。

·       Analyzes work problems and help the workers solve them   分析工作中的问题并帮助工人解决。

·       Participates in the development of preventive maintenance programs参与预防维修程序的开发。

·       Inspects operating equipment for conformance with operational standards检查运行的设备以符合运行的标准。

·       Manages personnel, tools, equipment and supplies for the repair, maintenance and installation jobs to be done. Coordinates with all other departments  管理工人、工具、设备和供应商以完成修理,维护和安装的工作。与其他部门合作一致。

·       Collects the feedback from the workers and logs all necessary data about the work completed (parts used, hours spent,…) and compares with the initial estimations  收集工人的反馈,记录工作完成的必要数据(如使用的备件,花费的时间等),与初始的估计做比较。

·       Establishes and adjusts work procedures to meet production schedules  建立和调整工作流程以满足生产需要

·       Suggests changes in working methods, conditions and use of equipment to increase efficiency in the department 在工作方法,环境和设备的使用上提出改进意见,以提高部门的效率

·       Perform activities of subordinates if required如果需要,执行下属的活动。

B.    Animation 活力

Safety 安全

s   Responsible to the Department Manager for Plant H&S Policy and procedures implementation and performance attainment in his/her area of control

s   Ensure, in liaison with Plant H&S department, that safe work practices and procedures are developed and maintained for all his/her team activities and fully complied with

s   Responsible to the Department Manager for Plant H&S Policy and procedures implementation and performance attainment in his/her area of control

s   Contribute to the definition of departmental H&S performance objectives

s   Conducts safety meetings for employee at least monthly

s   Instructs employees in safety rules and regulations; makes records of instruction; and enforces all safety rules and regulations at all time

s   Makes daily inspections and regular safety visit of assigned work areas and takes immediate steps to correct unsafe or unsatisfactory conditions; reports to the Department Manager conditions that cannot be immediately corrected

s   Reports to Dept. Manager and acts upon any weaknesses in safe job procedures, as revealed by safety observations. Reports jobs not covered by safe job procedures

s   Issue and control permits to work for his/her operations

s   Ensure the risk analysis/prevention measures properly done before all jobs, review JSA regularly、Instructs employees that tools are to be inspected before each use; makes spot checks of tools’ conditions

s   Instructs employees on housekeeping standards, maintain housekeeping standards within his/her area of control

s   Assure induction training and regularly safety training of his/her employees

s   In case of a serious injury, the injured employees received prompt medical attentions; isolated the area or shuts down equipment, as necessary; and immediately reports to the Dept. Manager the facts regarding the employee’s accident or illness and any action taken、Record and report accidents/SER/near misses, investigation and analysis, take corrective and preventive actions

s   Propose disciplinary actions against any of his/her employees who operates in an unsafe manner

s   Lead by example

s   向部门经理负责并执行健康和安全方针及工厂的安全程序,确保在其负责范围内的安全业绩的实现

s   配合工厂的健康和安全部门,在其团队负责工作范围内制定安全工作程序和最佳实践,确保其实施并符合要求

s   参与制定部门健康和安全业绩目标

s   为其下属制定年度健康和安全目标并对其完成情况进行评估

s   每月至少召开一次主管范围内的安全会

s   为员工讲解安全规章,做记录,严格落实安全规章制度

s   对其负责的工作区域进行每日检查和定期访查,发现不安全行为或状态立即采取措施进行纠正;向部门经理汇报不能立即进行整的安全隐患

s   发现安全作业程序中的缺陷或存在缺失安全作业指导的作业任务要报告给部门经理

s   为其负责的作业任务颁发工作许可证

s   确保所有作业前都进行风险评估并采取有效安全措施,定期回顾工作安全分析

s   确保员工在工作现场每次使用工具前进行检查;定期组织对工具的专项安全检查

s   给员工讲解内务卫生的标准,保持其工作范围内的内务卫生水平

s   确保对其下属进行安全培训,包括新员工和转岗员工的部门级安全培训

s   如果发生严重伤害事故,立即救助受伤人员,隔离事故现场,必要时关停设备,立即通知部门经理伤员情况和已经采取的措施

s   报告并记录所有事故和事件,深入调查与分析,落实防范措施

s   对于违章作业的员工按照公司的纪律程序处理

People 人员

·       Manages the personnel under his responsibility : designs and directs the training plans for workers who engaged in instrument job, looks for and maintains a good working atmosphere, facilitates the flow of information, motivates the personnel, listens to the suggestions of his personnel.管理职责内的人员:计划和指导下属的培训计划,发现和保持好的工作气氛,促进信息的流通,激励工人,接受工人的意见。

·       Develop the level of competence and attitude of the personnel towards good workmanship向好的技艺方向发展工人的能力水平和个人态度

·       Confers with workers representatives to resolve grievances 与工人代表协商解决他们的抱怨。

C – Management 管理

General  常规

·       Coordinates with the spare parts shop keeper for the purchasing, delivery and storage of the parts, equipment and of any other supply necessary for maintenance of instruments and Production IT system.在仪器仪表和生产IT系统维护的备件、设备和其他任何必须物品的采购、运输和存储与备件管理员合作,

·       Analyses the training needs of the personnel and designs the appropriate training plans.分析工人的培训需求和计划合适的培训计划

·       Manages the use of external contractors for maintenance jobs.管理维修工作的外部供应商的使用

House keeping 内务整理: Line responsibility for ensuring that the workshop premises and the plant are kept clean and operated according to Company procedures concerning material wastes disposal.有责任保证车间和工厂保持整洁,根据公司有关部门废物处理程序进行运作。